Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Signs

It seems like a short time ago that I was snow raking the roofs, shoveling and plowing where all the signs of winter were everywhere. I still have it in mind how nice it is when the sun shines on what winter snows hides. Just like the sunless, dark setting above is much different when the spring angle of the sun shines and casts shadows on the same setting below.

Where there once was six plus feet of snow each day brings more and more of changes to come. I am still reminded of winter but appreciate nature's kind turn to spring yet I feel very aware of the challenges of so many other's battles this spring in other parts of the word. I like to sit out in front of the barn and feel the gentle warmth of the sun as I have a cup of coffee and see the ants march out of their winter time. I didn't think they would come out until later when it got really warm. I do take an interest in their being.

The first flowering crocus is a good sign after being covered with tons of snow.

The leaves are never completely raked especially when they are oak leaves that fall after the first snow. Raking and clean up time is a chance to renew and appreciate the season.

One sure sign of spring is the changing of the lobby painting at the Wayside Inn from the winter one to the summer one. There are signed and framed 8 x 10 prints available at the Inn's gift shop.
The summer will be here sure enough and there will be a book out from Judy Condon entitled "Joy of Country" which will be available in July. Janice and I will have our house and barn featured in a chapter of the book. She has written many "country" books and it will be available at gift shops or on Amazon.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spoons and Walk In scenes

Janice and I were cooking a spaghetti sauce and stirring as you do , when the spoon broke. I looked at it and realized what I could do with it. Many years ago I helped paint a mural in a museum diorama that had a slight curve overhead and thought the spoon had the same feeling.... if a scene were painted on it. I thought it would be particularly nice as a background for the "Dime House Collection" that I make, each no larger than a dime.

These spoon tops are really ideal with a thin wood base and will give a little accent to the right place. It's certainly a different feel from a mural painting but it does look just fine for the little houses.

I also thought it would different to create a "backdrop" to some of the other houses that I make. After first making them as a stand up scene alone, I thought yet another way by including the houses with them. I wanted to create a feeling of taking your mind into the scene's setting, to let your mind wander for a few seconds back in time.

This particular one with the ship tied up at the pier reminded me of when I lived in Newburyport. I imagined it in the 1800's with the activity on the wharf, Rings Island across the Merrimac River and the river boat Sabino steaming along. The Sabino is now a part of the Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. If you are interested in this collection just email me or visit this spring at my Studio/Gallery where I'll have them on display as well as several others.