Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another use of the Christmas Tree

I know Christmas is over and the tree eventually drys up and looses a lot of needles on the way out of the house. Our tree looked very dry with the branches dropping down even though it was watered every day. I wanted to extend the use of our tree so I dug a hole near the back kitchen window. I then sprinkled it with seeds and peanuts to watch the different birds gather in and out of the branches. I was surprised to see that the tree liked this as well because all the hanging down branches perked right up again with the help of a few days of rain. All the birds seem to really enjoy searching around the tree for the many seeds.

We had the first snow of the winter here in Glastonbury but it all melted in a couple of hours. By not having to use the snow blower, I've been able to work on painting more. Last year I did about 350 different pieces of artwork and have already done 16 this year so far. Some have sold already but if you have a chance to visit nearby Old Wethersfield, Connecticut, I have work available at the shop "Antiques on Main". There are a few pieces of tin and several paintings displayed in the shop. It's right next to the firehouse. Of course there is also my gallery with many examples of different work. If you like country , then you'll enjoy the gallery full of my folk art.