Friday, January 28, 2011

Painting Class at the Wayside Inn

On January 22nd and the 23rd, the snow finally ended allowing for easy traveling to the Wayside Inn and spending the day creating "Summer Wagon Rides" for 36 students. Before the class began, I sat in the window seat in the Ford room gazing out toward the gardens with a cup of coffee and a pumpkin muffin thinking about the enjoyment of the rest of the day to come.

After all the preparation of the pine board we finally start to paint and to use the different patterns. I give everyone attention but I want the finished piece to be their own.

We break for lunch in the old kitchen of the Inn but at the tables everyone has gotten to the same point to later continue.

Twenty-one people enjoy the wonderful experience of having lunch and relaxation before getting back to's sometimes hard to get the energy though.

Everyone did finish this pine board, "Summer Wagon Rides" with their own individual touches. I am amazed that out of 16 in the class on Sunday, seven never painted before and all did very well, as did Saturday's class too. It will not be until next year most likely that I'll give another weekend of classes. I know some are thinking already of what the project will be, but I don't know yet. If you want to suggest an idea, write and tell me.

I hope that you will have the opportunity to visit the Inn and enjoy this historic landmark of New England where even George Washington stopped by on his way to Cambridge. You can even visit for breakfast which is open to the public from 7:30 am to 10:30am and then go to the gift shop and take home some famous muffins and pastry.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Secret Drawer Society of the Wayside Inn

Longfellow's Wayside Inn is such a beautiful place to visit. If you are ever able to spend the night in one of the inn's ten rooms it will be a wonderful memory forever. Janice and I have stayed at the Inn many times since 1995 when I hold my classes in January. It's always a special time ....getting lost from the everyday goings of life and stepping back in time. There is no television but there are plenty of letters to read with the Secret Drawer Society where you'll find yourself reading hours away.
I woke up early after a late night setting up for the Saturday class and noticed smoke coming from the chimney nearby. The fireplace was on in the Ford room where we'd soon be.

I couldn't resist reading a few of the letters and even left something room number 3. There are letters of happiness, reunions, wedding nights, anniversaries, travelers from far and nearby experiencing this special place in New England. Janice and I enjoyed reading to each other some of the letters we found. In one drawer I even found a long silk glove with the bride's poem written on it, but there are many other "finds" as well. Try to spend a night at the Inn and you too can write a letter and become a part of the Inn's history as a member of the Secret Drawer Society.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Winter Christmas Tree

I wondered at Christmas if there would be enough snow depths later to put the tree outside for the rest of the winter. Well, on January 12th here in Connecticut there was quite the storm with over 25 inches. The weather vane by the barn that was repaired after the tree fell on it last summer, now looks like it was walking on snow! Now there is plenty of snow to plant the tree where many birds can enjoy the shelter and natural feeling for all the daily seeds I sprinkle around. This way the Christmas tree can have an extended enjoyment well after Christmas by our feathered friends as well.

This change from the snowfall of winter and the Christmas tree will finally disappear to a memory. All the birds will still be fed and a delightful summer begins again. Some of my collectors have already mentioned their desire to visit the gallery when it warms up from this January winter experience and I look forward to seeing you as well.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Icicle Accents

What a change to Main Street and everywhere here in Glastonbury after an old New England blizzard visited January 12th,'11. The snow cleans and simplifies the familiarity we all see in everyday living. In many ways there is a special beauty in it's cozy image ...... but then a transformation after a cleanup with all the shoveling and plowing. The icicles magically grow one drip at a time to greet you in the morning. I stepped out the back door yesterday but I forgot to take my camera when I later went down town but came hurrying back to get it so I could capture some "icicle accents" for me and you to enjoy. .....Spring is coming!

I seldom have painted snow scenes with icicles but maybe next time I will.