Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Visiting Falcon

It was quite a surprise to look out the kitchen window to see a falcon looking around maybe wondering what might be inside. Janice did set a fine table with a wonderful dinner but, that was for all our children visiting this Christmas.
Janice especially has a great receipe for an egg plant casserole among other dishes served which was enjoyed by all.
The falcon then settled on one of the many pine trees that are in the back of the studio. It seemed quite content to watch everything around with no fears from being photographed.
When you too visit, you may experience seeing a falcon at the Gallery / Studio, full of houses and paintings where I'm looking forward in '08 to creating a much more. So far in '07 I have done 457 different works. Just give a call first to be sure I am in. I'll be taking trips on occassion to my gallery at the King Hooper Mansion in historic old down town Marblehead, Massachusetts.
Happy New Year!