Friday, January 23, 2009

Pathways Unleashed

Pathways for Children, is a North Shore organization providing more than 400 children and families with early education and child care programs. Later this year they will be holding their third fundraising event called "Pathways Unleashed". In 2004 and 2006, Pathways for Children held events called "Lobster Landings" and "Adirondack chairs" which were decorated into unique objects of art by many different artists, displayed throughout Gloucester and ultimately sold at a high profile auction in September. I participated in each event and now in this year's event.

If you ever want to see the lobster, stop in at the landmark restaurant, Woodman's of Essex, Massachusetts, home of the original fried clams, where it is on display.

I made the trip the other day to pick up my life sized dog to work on and to return it finished in May. I was given an English Bulldog and had some ideas right away. All I could think of was when I was in the Marines, the bulldog was a "mascot." and thought it was appropriate that I ended up with it.

The bulldog is made of fiberglass and looks real but I will "dress it up" in the weeks to come. I placed it by the stove in the gallery and I will show the progress as I go along. I plan on incorperating at least three subjects relating to the U.S. Marines, Patriotism & Gloucester and bringing it all together somehow.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pennsylvania Studio Visitors

The Christmas decorations were being taken down Sunday, the day after the class but with added snow it made for a real memorable and enjoyable time for all. Throughout the Inn , each room was decorated with the Christmas spirit. There was concern for the snow coming later in the day but all the twenty students from near and far completed painting the raised pine panel. There were three mother/daughters and a mother/son with several being their first time painting. Rebecca and Jennifer traveled a long way and stayed two wonderful nights at the Inn before going back but first stopping in Glastonbury for a studio visit.
The chalk board to the right of the door, welcomes Rebecca and her daughter Jennifer from Pennsylvania after their stay in Sturbridge Saturday night. Rebecca is a long time collector that has visited me when I was in Newburyport and Rowley.

Jennifer found the "Dime House Collection" and is trying to decide which one's she would like.

Rebecca enjoyed the Studio & Gallery filled with all of my work and purchased a few for her collection back home in New Jersey.

I plan it will be a year before I give another class at the Inn and hope that perhaps you too can have a learning experience at the wonderful Longfellow's Wayside Inn. I encourage you to read more about this wonderful Inn at