Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Visiting Falcon

It was quite a surprise to look out the kitchen window to see a falcon looking around maybe wondering what might be inside. Janice did set a fine table with a wonderful dinner but, that was for all our children visiting this Christmas.
Janice especially has a great receipe for an egg plant casserole among other dishes served which was enjoyed by all.
The falcon then settled on one of the many pine trees that are in the back of the studio. It seemed quite content to watch everything around with no fears from being photographed.
When you too visit, you may experience seeing a falcon at the Gallery / Studio, full of houses and paintings where I'm looking forward in '08 to creating a much more. So far in '07 I have done 457 different works. Just give a call first to be sure I am in. I'll be taking trips on occassion to my gallery at the King Hooper Mansion in historic old down town Marblehead, Massachusetts.
Happy New Year!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Workshop at the Wayside Inn

October 26th through the28th was the Country Folk Art Festival in Marlborough where I introduced the next class to be at the Wayside Inn. On Saturday January 12th, the small decorative pine stool will be the project. Sunday, January 13th, will be the receipt box. I noticed that most were interested in the pine stool, so as a result there may be two days for the pine stool and I will schedule the receipt box later.
This is a wonderful opportunity to learn the painting and finishing of working in wood.
The class starts at 9:30 am until 4:30pm spending a memorable day at the Wayside Inn enjoying this very special time in painting. There are muffins and coffee served by the fireplace in the morning with a five course luncheon served in the old kitchen at noon.
The cost is $185.00 and seating is limited so please call the Inn for more information and your reservation at 1-978-443-1776. Some also make it a weekend by staying in one of ten rooms at the Inn which is an even more enjoyable experience.

See you before you know it...........

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Upcoming shows

I've been busy creating paintings for the upcoming three shows this season, two of which are the first time for me. This will be my 18th year at the Country Folk Art Festival at the Royal Plaza Trade Center, Route 20 one mile west of I-495, Marlborough, Massachusetts. The opening is Friday evening, October 26th from 6 p.m. - 10.p.m., Saturday, the 27th from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. and Sunday the 28th 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. I'm looking forward to exhibiting my new work including Halloween paintings,tinware, art signs, boxes of different kinds... even an old shoe shine box. I'll also be showing for the first time the project for the next class at the Wayside Inn in Sudbury,January 12th and 13th. of '08.
November17th is a new show in Marblehead, Massachusetts and it's at the St. Andrew's Church, 135 Lafayette St., (Rte. 114) from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. I'll have some works of my old home town as well as for the season.
Saturday,December 1st I will be at a small quality show, New England Artisans Showcase, at the Glastonbury Abbey Confrence Center, 16 Hull St. Rte 3A, a short distance from the major intersection of Rte 228, Hingham, Massachusetts.
I also will have work at my gallery at the Marblehead Arts Association, 8 Hooper Street, Marblehead and of course at my Studio & Gallery in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Lucky Chances with Sevens

July 7,2007 is a one of a kind day in history and I wanted to commemorate the time with this special painting. I painted this based on pure imagination and created the forerunner of the gambling casinos of today with the character I named "Lucky Chances". The pig "Lucky" pulls the cart of chances through New England countryside towns providing a one armed bandit along with extra special dice and other games of chance. He is blasting the arrival with a horn and the sounds of the pig's bells jingling along excites the town folks running to the tavern where they will take their chances for a penny. I also made this painting a puzzle to figure out in counting all the representations of "seven" to honor this day. Can you find all the twenty-one sets of seven? I finished at 7:17 pm and it happens to have the catalog number 177/07. I plan to make these special paintings each year until 2012 with different stories and subjects. Lucky Chances is an 11 x 14 painting on streched canvas with an hand painted pine frame. This special piece of time frozen is available for the collector that would like to add to their collection this unique work. If this is still available, I will be showing the painting at the Country Folk Art Festival in Marlborough, Massachusetts October 26th,27th,and 28th or you can visit the gallery here in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Decorative Country Murals

There are many styles and subjects in creating mural paintings. I recently did some decorative mural painting using colors based on those in the home here in Glastonbury. I do however travel the New England area satisfying the needs of many. In this first design for a narrow hallway, the monochrome tones and colors worked out well. This scene has a sense of "opening up" the space. Hanging work on the wall even further reduced the hallway width, so Jennifer had me look at it when I suggested this design. She said that she liked animals so in the painting you'll find her dogs, some birds, ducks, horses, deer and even a moose to name a few. Now every time in the comings and goings of the day, one can have the feeling of walking along the peaceful country river.

The stairway seemed to need something as well, so a variation of the theme was created. This provided a relaxation view of the river while sitting in the living room.

When there is the right space, mural painting can be very satisfying and bring another dimension to an area in your home or business.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Collection of Art Signs

I have been creating decorative signs ever since I first started business in 1966 preserving the memories of everything from "Wild Maine Blueberry Muffins", "Old Taverns and Inns" to sayings, street names and places in towns. A favorite place of mine on the North Shore of Boston is Marblehead and Newburyport. I encourage you to visit there this summer. Be sure to let me know when and I just might be able to meet you at the store or gallery where I exhibit. I will be exhibiting at my Gallery on the second floor of the King Hooper Mansion, 8 Hooper Street, home of the Marblehead Arts Association, a wonderful Art Sign collection, just in time for the great celebration of the Arts Festival in town. I also have a collection of Art Signs and other examples of Folk Art in Newburyport at My Country Store, 2 Market Square.

These sign boards have an unique old quality in each but were made from pine boards used in building my art studio and gallery in Glastonbury, Connecticut. On some of the Art Signs I have used copper designs of stars, hearts, figures and other symbols cut from old chimney flashing,which adds a little extra interest.

Custom order your own Art Signs by sending me an email at or call 860-633-7707.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Open House at the Marblehead Arts Association

Sunday, May 20th was the last of several rain soaked days but that didn't stop a great day at the Arts celebrating 85 years. The King Hooper Mansion is the home of the Marblehead Arts Association on Hooper Street in the historic town of Marblehead Massachusetts. The mansion was shining inside and out with a new coat of paint. All the vistors were greeted at the door and enjoyed the different shows on the three floors of galleries. The ballroom opened with the Glover Regiment singing Sea Chanteys and then there were other groups throughout the afternoon. On the second floor is my display of a variety of paintings and folk art. My two sisters Lianne and Pamela enjoyed seeing some of my latest work.

My daughter Vanessa (on the right) and her friend Amy playfully poised by the different palettes that will be auctioned off at the Marblehead Arts Festival, July 4th. There will be a silent auction on June 30th and July 1st when you can enter your bid. I entered a palette showing the spirit and excitement to the sights and sounds of the 4th of July celebration. Call the gallery for any additional information at 781-631-2608.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Conomo Point

Every day there are many thousands of people that travel Rte 133 from Essex to Gloucester and Cape Ann never seeing the road that takes you to Conomo Point, named after the Indians that used to live around there in past history. It is a point of land where the Essex River flows into the ocean and you can see the backside of Crane's beach sandunes. Over three thousand boats at one time were built in Essex and this was the first experience of going to sea after first being outfitted in Gloucester for the fishing industry.

The island just over the chanel from the point is known as Emerson's Island to the local town folks. It was Mr. Emerson years ago that invented the iron lung making a fortune to have this place for a summer retreat and only accesible by boat. There are various cottages and houses along the rocks. One had a fire many years ago but the remains still stand. What a grand view that would be to experience every day with the first rays of dawn.

There is another classic view along Rte. 133 and that is the Burnham House. This has been a subject for many artists of Cape Ann and for me as well. They lady that used to live there always had sheets hanging on the clothes line blowing in the breeze to make it look like someone was always home. This is next door to Farnum's Clam Stand where you can sit and look out over the marsh to Hog Island.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

May 1st in Essex

I had planned a trip up to Essex since last week during the rains as I had business to take care of at Woodman's, the famous place where fried clams were invented in 1916 by Chubby and Bessie Woodman. I did the 24 x 30" painting entitled Woodman's Parade with the Clam Digger's Band in 1999 and it is used in their advertising and other promotions. I do have signed prints for $20.00 if you are ever interested. Woodman's is a must stop when visiting New England for many seafood dishes or to experience the clambakes and "eat in the rough" overlooking the marsh. It's a family tradition for many all over the world.

I first started business in Essex in 1966 and still continue creating artwork for Woodmans. When I am able , I like to stop by and see a friend of mine, Barb Carter,and we made plans to have lunch. She has lived in the same house with her husband Dana, right off the marsh as long as I can remember. Well, May 1st was the beautiful sunny day to enjoy the time we had planned. The day was so nice we just decided to eat on the porch with a million dollar view. We started with cold lemonade, clam chowder, and then she said to my surprise, "What would it be like not to have lobster rolls?". I wasn't in too much of a rush so we were able to enjoy the lobster rolls and an enjoyable time in this usually busy world. I told Barb about the painting I did for the Marblehead Arts Association auction that takes place this July 4th at the Marblehead Arts Festival and that I had to deliver it later in the day. Barb is holding the palette painting which is now on view at the Art Association.

This auction features various palettes painted by the memebership and the subject I chose is a favorite. I just thought of the spirit of America, harbor ilumination, fireworks, the harbor full of boats, the 1812 Overture, cannons, bells and the summer dazzle of it all. One of my favorite places to relax on a nice summer day is Crocker Park with it's commanding view of the harbor of two thousand boats and sometimes referred to as the yachting capital of the world. I have my gallery at the King Hooper Mansion, home of the Marblehead Arts Association, for the rest of the year where I may even see you there sometime. Just email me to find out the dates I'll be there and I will hope to meet you then. I mentioned earlier that the Art Association is celebrating their 85th year and there will be a grand party this May 20th, 12-4pm open house with cake, balloons, entertainment.... including Glover's Regiment, Noteworthies,High School A Cappella Groups, Jewel Tonees & Luminescence.
My wife Janice and I will be there as well on this special day not to be missed.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Harbor view

I went to the wharf just to take a break after setting up the gallery. It was nice sitting in the sun thinking of the summer to come when Marblehead Harbor has many different boats and activities. Looking forward to the sights and sounds of the summer season and my favorites are July 4th and the Marblehead Arts Festival.

Gallery at Marblehead Arts Association

Earlier this spring, I was busy along with Rob, my future son-in-law,preparing the Cushman gallery within the Marblehead Arts Association on the second floor in the historic King Hooper Mansion. The Association is celebrating 85 years and I am happy to be a part of it. For seven months I'll be showing a variety of work from paintings, unique folk art, decorated old tin pieces, to mural painting samples.
This May 20th, Sunday,12-5pm, there will be a celebration with other members showing work throughout the mansion along with different music performances and refreshments. The mansion has had extensive painting renovations not to be missed. Come celebrate the exciting changes! I will be there along with my wife Janice and we look forward to seeing you

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Decorated Planter Box

The Conntecticut Audubon Center in Glastonbury is having "Art for Natures Sake", two days of festivities May 19th and 20th, 2007, including special events, an art show, photographs and demonstrations. It's also a beautiful time to take a nice walk through the nearby woods and see the wild life from birds to maybe even beavers in the dam they have built.

I decorated a planter box for this event, with a winter and summer scene. This could be used for different arrangements year round whether it be on your dining room table or any special place in your country home. Bids are being accepted for what is called "A Tea Cup Auction" which is a little different. The value of the piece is $200.00 and can be purchased right away or you may place a bid and they will be sorted out at the end on May 20th to see who wins the bid. There will be other items to select from as well, but I have created the first and wanted you to know.

The Audubon is next door to me and is located at 1361 Main Street , near the Old Cider Mill in Glastonbury. If you wish come by my Studio and Gallery..... it's even possible to walk over from the beaver dam. Just give me a call or write to be sure I haven't stepped away.

Cogswell's Grant 1728

As many of you know, I started my business in the beautiful little town of Essex, Massachusetts in 1966 and I do go back there several times a year. A great place to visit is Cogswell's Grant which was the summer home of Bertram K. and Nina Fletcher Little, collectors and writers of early American decorative arts. She referred to "Folk Art" as Country Arts which I think is a nice definition. I had the occassion one summer day to privately meet with them and always remember their hospitality. Mrs. Little enjoyed showing me the many collectons throughout the house and the stories about them. She was aware of my work and suggested that I go to New York to the Museum of American Folk Art. After many years I finally did visit the museum....... two years ago. Time has a way of flying by fast before you know it. Creativity of artwork however is frozen in time and becomes the history of today for us to enjoy.

Cogswell's Grant is open June 1st thru October 15th and has a wonderful country setting with stone walls overlooking the marshes of Essex. Just call 978-768-3632 for more information or check it out on line.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Display Board & Shelf

I have a lot of extra wood from the building of the barn studio & gallery and once in a while I like to make something with it. I had this tongue and groove pine stock that I used in making the various display boards. At first I was going to use them for something to paint a scene on, but decided to make these display board shelves.
There was a lot of woodworking and painting finishing to achieve the old look from these new boards. They have bread board ends and are all wired ready to hang. These can be used in so many places to bring a warm accent in decorating the country home.

As an added interest, the two nails under the shelf, are to be used as a place for hanging dried flowers or keys and are made of copper with a raised star on the nail head. These were used to hold down the slate roof of the famous High Street Lord Timothy Dexter House in Newburyport which the top floor was destroyed by fire in 1988. There is a book called Newburyport Stories from the Waterside by Liz Nelson that mentioned the fire and has illustrations of my ink drawings.

Shown on the different display boards are some of my paintings, houses and tins along with a collections old keys.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Sunset Sparkles

Janice and I were at the kitchen window making supper when we saw this interesting sunset. The conditions were right with a combination of the sun setting, snow in the fields and a gentle fog drifting around. I was preparing chicken but said I have to go out and take a few photos. There is something about the sun setting that gives a dramatic accent to all kinds of subjects. The conditions don't last long as the sun sets before you know it. So I hurried to clean my hands and then went right out to take a few interesting images. There are a row of hemlock trees on the side of the driveway that leads through some underbrush of branches and weeds that had the drizzle of the days hard rain. It created these sparkles of light that showed even more after seeing these photos. It was the actual drops of water on some of the tips of branches illuminated from behind with sunlight, that gave it this effect of a twinkling sparkle.

I did get back shortly and continued making the honey glazed chicken cutlets with sizzled garlic. I'll be glad to send you the reciept if interested. I'll be going to Marblehead, Newburyport and New Hampshire soon and look forward to sharing more photos with you of my travels.

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Walk Down Back

I look down back from the Studio/Gallery every day but I hadn't walked through the pines for a while to what some have called "the million dollar view". There was just a little snow that recently fell at night and in the morning the sky was a beautiful blue with little puffy clouds drifting in the brisk air. Walking the short distance through the pines I'm always aware I might see an owl which I had the surprise of experiencing twice before.

At the end there are two adirondack chairs that are so comfortable to sit in with the summer breeze and just relax. There is a beautiful view of the rolling farm hills to the river and next to the Connecticut Audobon which is celebrating it's 25th year. I painted a planter box for them which will be auctioned off in their May 1st celebration. I'll be writing more information about this in another article soon.

Visit the studio/gallery and maybe take a walk down back too but please call first to be sure I am in.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Marblehead Summer Day

Summer days are a few months away but they will come and winter will just be a distant memory. All the little seconds of life add up to the future. Crocker Park overlooking the beautiful harbor, is just the thing to take your mind off the cold time of winter. It was Uriel Crocker, a 19th century book publisher, who in 1886, gave this land to the town to become Marblehead's first public park. Just imagine the experience of sitting on one of several benches each with a fanastic view or just on the rocks and relax taking in the sights, sounds and the refreshing salt air breeze. Another classic view is the original settlement area of town called Barnegat which overlooks Brown's Island and Little Harbor. This house is a favorite for so many to photograph and paint. Walk the history of a few old granite steps down to the beach and see this peaceful scene enjoyed over the years. It's still the same to me when I used to buy penny candy at Aunt Sadie's across the Street. Scroll down and read my story that was published in the newspaper, Country Register in '06.

At the Marblehead Arts Association, 8 Hooper Street, I show paintings and other work of Marblehead in the gift shop. There is even a coffee mug that has an image of Crocker Park, Abbot Hall, the lighthouse and sailboats. The mug is also available at the museum shop at Abbot Hall where the famous painting of the Spirit of '76 is.

This is the 85th year of the founding of the Association with special coming events I look forward to letting you know about in the months ahead.