Friday, March 2, 2007

Sunset Sparkles

Janice and I were at the kitchen window making supper when we saw this interesting sunset. The conditions were right with a combination of the sun setting, snow in the fields and a gentle fog drifting around. I was preparing chicken but said I have to go out and take a few photos. There is something about the sun setting that gives a dramatic accent to all kinds of subjects. The conditions don't last long as the sun sets before you know it. So I hurried to clean my hands and then went right out to take a few interesting images. There are a row of hemlock trees on the side of the driveway that leads through some underbrush of branches and weeds that had the drizzle of the days hard rain. It created these sparkles of light that showed even more after seeing these photos. It was the actual drops of water on some of the tips of branches illuminated from behind with sunlight, that gave it this effect of a twinkling sparkle.

I did get back shortly and continued making the honey glazed chicken cutlets with sizzled garlic. I'll be glad to send you the reciept if interested. I'll be going to Marblehead, Newburyport and New Hampshire soon and look forward to sharing more photos with you of my travels.

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