Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Decorated Planter Box

The Conntecticut Audubon Center in Glastonbury is having "Art for Natures Sake", two days of festivities May 19th and 20th, 2007, including special events, an art show, photographs and demonstrations. It's also a beautiful time to take a nice walk through the nearby woods and see the wild life from birds to maybe even beavers in the dam they have built.

I decorated a planter box for this event, with a winter and summer scene. This could be used for different arrangements year round whether it be on your dining room table or any special place in your country home. Bids are being accepted for what is called "A Tea Cup Auction" which is a little different. The value of the piece is $200.00 and can be purchased right away or you may place a bid and they will be sorted out at the end on May 20th to see who wins the bid. There will be other items to select from as well, but I have created the first and wanted you to know.

The Audubon is next door to me and is located at 1361 Main Street , near the Old Cider Mill in Glastonbury. If you wish come by my Studio and Gallery..... it's even possible to walk over from the beaver dam. Just give me a call or write to be sure I haven't stepped away.

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