Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Roof Rake

There has been plenty of snow this year but the image as I look at our 1770 cape, is that of classic old New England and I want to enjoy it as it is. I was talking to my brother Timothy who lives in New Hampshire and he told me I should get a roof rake, something I never thought of or wanted as I liked the look of it not wanting to spoil it. After another recent snow storm it began to pile up and now there was the fear of weight on the roof and I got to thinking I better get a roof rake. Well, many others thought the same thing..... there were none around anywhere here in Glastonbury. There was another snow about to come and along with it freezing rain making everything heavier. I had to place a special order as did many hundreds of others on a Sunday for a delivery Tuesday morning. I must say at Katz Hardware store in town the ordering system was very well organized with two people taking orders all day when I went there in person . Sure enough Tuesday morning they had a couple of pallets that arrived from Canada and were only for those that had placed a paid order in advance.

I did try shoveling a little above the back entry and the snow kept piling up. I later knocked away some of the icicles which is another concern when a soaking rain may come.

It was a lot of work but I felt I accomplished getting most of the snow as I could off the house and barn.

I did manage to make a house cut out of pine and wondered if back in the "old days" there were roof rakes?