Saturday, March 7, 2009

"The Private"

A few weeks ago I started to sketch in a few charcoal lines on the bulldog keeping in mind the elements of patriotism, the Marines and Gloucester to be represented in a dignified yet whimsical presentation. The first part for me was to then identify the dog right away so I did the face but gradually refined it as I went along. In a way this became real "company" in a sense to me as I painted.

I added the the little drool but wondered if a Marine would get away with it at attention, but then thought ......this isn't real. I did place it on the kitchen floor one night after doing the face and it startled my wife when she came in the door.

I then figured out the stripes and dress blue coat with the banners on either side. It was tricky for the stripes to line up correctly but with a few adjustments it worked out. I looked in several photos, the details of dress blues from stripes to buttons and badges. It worked out that there was room for one stripe, private first class, and so it became known as "The Private" to me.

"The Private" from Gloucester is ready to join the many other painted dogs of "Pathways Unleashed" that will be displayed around Gloucester this summer. This side shows the Iwo Jima statue and the other is the Fisherman's Monument in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I encourage you to visit there and see both sides of the dog. The gala auction will be September 12th and to learn more information, please visit