Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Open House at the Marblehead Arts Association

Sunday, May 20th was the last of several rain soaked days but that didn't stop a great day at the Arts celebrating 85 years. The King Hooper Mansion is the home of the Marblehead Arts Association on Hooper Street in the historic town of Marblehead Massachusetts. The mansion was shining inside and out with a new coat of paint. All the vistors were greeted at the door and enjoyed the different shows on the three floors of galleries. The ballroom opened with the Glover Regiment singing Sea Chanteys and then there were other groups throughout the afternoon. On the second floor is my display of a variety of paintings and folk art. My two sisters Lianne and Pamela enjoyed seeing some of my latest work.

My daughter Vanessa (on the right) and her friend Amy playfully poised by the different palettes that will be auctioned off at the Marblehead Arts Festival, July 4th. There will be a silent auction on June 30th and July 1st when you can enter your bid. I entered a palette showing the spirit and excitement to the sights and sounds of the 4th of July celebration. Call the gallery for any additional information at 781-631-2608.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Conomo Point

Every day there are many thousands of people that travel Rte 133 from Essex to Gloucester and Cape Ann never seeing the road that takes you to Conomo Point, named after the Indians that used to live around there in past history. It is a point of land where the Essex River flows into the ocean and you can see the backside of Crane's beach sandunes. Over three thousand boats at one time were built in Essex and this was the first experience of going to sea after first being outfitted in Gloucester for the fishing industry.

The island just over the chanel from the point is known as Emerson's Island to the local town folks. It was Mr. Emerson years ago that invented the iron lung making a fortune to have this place for a summer retreat and only accesible by boat. There are various cottages and houses along the rocks. One had a fire many years ago but the remains still stand. What a grand view that would be to experience every day with the first rays of dawn.

There is another classic view along Rte. 133 and that is the Burnham House. This has been a subject for many artists of Cape Ann and for me as well. They lady that used to live there always had sheets hanging on the clothes line blowing in the breeze to make it look like someone was always home. This is next door to Farnum's Clam Stand where you can sit and look out over the marsh to Hog Island.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

May 1st in Essex

I had planned a trip up to Essex since last week during the rains as I had business to take care of at Woodman's, the famous place where fried clams were invented in 1916 by Chubby and Bessie Woodman. I did the 24 x 30" painting entitled Woodman's Parade with the Clam Digger's Band in 1999 and it is used in their advertising and other promotions. I do have signed prints for $20.00 if you are ever interested. Woodman's is a must stop when visiting New England for many seafood dishes or to experience the clambakes and "eat in the rough" overlooking the marsh. It's a family tradition for many all over the world.

I first started business in Essex in 1966 and still continue creating artwork for Woodmans. When I am able , I like to stop by and see a friend of mine, Barb Carter,and we made plans to have lunch. She has lived in the same house with her husband Dana, right off the marsh as long as I can remember. Well, May 1st was the beautiful sunny day to enjoy the time we had planned. The day was so nice we just decided to eat on the porch with a million dollar view. We started with cold lemonade, clam chowder, and then she said to my surprise, "What would it be like not to have lobster rolls?". I wasn't in too much of a rush so we were able to enjoy the lobster rolls and an enjoyable time in this usually busy world. I told Barb about the painting I did for the Marblehead Arts Association auction that takes place this July 4th at the Marblehead Arts Festival and that I had to deliver it later in the day. Barb is holding the palette painting which is now on view at the Art Association.

This auction features various palettes painted by the memebership and the subject I chose is a favorite. I just thought of the spirit of America, harbor ilumination, fireworks, the harbor full of boats, the 1812 Overture, cannons, bells and the summer dazzle of it all. One of my favorite places to relax on a nice summer day is Crocker Park with it's commanding view of the harbor of two thousand boats and sometimes referred to as the yachting capital of the world. I have my gallery at the King Hooper Mansion, home of the Marblehead Arts Association, for the rest of the year where I may even see you there sometime. Just email me to find out the dates I'll be there and I will hope to meet you then. I mentioned earlier that the Art Association is celebrating their 85th year and there will be a grand party this May 20th, 12-4pm open house with cake, balloons, entertainment.... including Glover's Regiment, Noteworthies,High School A Cappella Groups, Jewel Tonees & Luminescence.
My wife Janice and I will be there as well on this special day not to be missed.