Thursday, May 3, 2007

Conomo Point

Every day there are many thousands of people that travel Rte 133 from Essex to Gloucester and Cape Ann never seeing the road that takes you to Conomo Point, named after the Indians that used to live around there in past history. It is a point of land where the Essex River flows into the ocean and you can see the backside of Crane's beach sandunes. Over three thousand boats at one time were built in Essex and this was the first experience of going to sea after first being outfitted in Gloucester for the fishing industry.

The island just over the chanel from the point is known as Emerson's Island to the local town folks. It was Mr. Emerson years ago that invented the iron lung making a fortune to have this place for a summer retreat and only accesible by boat. There are various cottages and houses along the rocks. One had a fire many years ago but the remains still stand. What a grand view that would be to experience every day with the first rays of dawn.

There is another classic view along Rte. 133 and that is the Burnham House. This has been a subject for many artists of Cape Ann and for me as well. They lady that used to live there always had sheets hanging on the clothes line blowing in the breeze to make it look like someone was always home. This is next door to Farnum's Clam Stand where you can sit and look out over the marsh to Hog Island.


master fagin said...

Hello Chris,
I believe that we met years ago in Manchester or Essex. You had a studio if I am not mistaken I haved lived at the Point off and on for years now and it still one of the joys of life. I don't know when you were there last but on the side road coming in from RT 133 the small pond on the right hand side has been declared a "vernal pond" and is protected. If you don't know what a vernal pond is look it up. I had to. I am in W. Gloucester now so I am still close to the Point. Your picture of Cross Island is a good shot and you are right that from the island the view is incredible. I used to work with David Galacar in his shop in Manchester and worked at the "KIng's Rook" way back when. My name is Mark Hammond. Say hello if you remember or just want to chat about the area.

Christopher Gurshin said...

Good morning Mark,
I know it is now a couple of years since you wrote regarding my Conomo Point article and agree how beautiful it is. I although in Connecticut now, I still come to the north shore throughout the year.
I was manager at the King's Rook in Ipswich at one time. Hope all is well in West Gloucester. I even have done work for the autions at Pathways for Children there so I'm still around.