Friday, February 23, 2007

A Walk Down Back

I look down back from the Studio/Gallery every day but I hadn't walked through the pines for a while to what some have called "the million dollar view". There was just a little snow that recently fell at night and in the morning the sky was a beautiful blue with little puffy clouds drifting in the brisk air. Walking the short distance through the pines I'm always aware I might see an owl which I had the surprise of experiencing twice before.

At the end there are two adirondack chairs that are so comfortable to sit in with the summer breeze and just relax. There is a beautiful view of the rolling farm hills to the river and next to the Connecticut Audobon which is celebrating it's 25th year. I painted a planter box for them which will be auctioned off in their May 1st celebration. I'll be writing more information about this in another article soon.

Visit the studio/gallery and maybe take a walk down back too but please call first to be sure I am in.

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