Monday, February 5, 2007

Marblehead Summer Day

Summer days are a few months away but they will come and winter will just be a distant memory. All the little seconds of life add up to the future. Crocker Park overlooking the beautiful harbor, is just the thing to take your mind off the cold time of winter. It was Uriel Crocker, a 19th century book publisher, who in 1886, gave this land to the town to become Marblehead's first public park. Just imagine the experience of sitting on one of several benches each with a fanastic view or just on the rocks and relax taking in the sights, sounds and the refreshing salt air breeze. Another classic view is the original settlement area of town called Barnegat which overlooks Brown's Island and Little Harbor. This house is a favorite for so many to photograph and paint. Walk the history of a few old granite steps down to the beach and see this peaceful scene enjoyed over the years. It's still the same to me when I used to buy penny candy at Aunt Sadie's across the Street. Scroll down and read my story that was published in the newspaper, Country Register in '06.

At the Marblehead Arts Association, 8 Hooper Street, I show paintings and other work of Marblehead in the gift shop. There is even a coffee mug that has an image of Crocker Park, Abbot Hall, the lighthouse and sailboats. The mug is also available at the museum shop at Abbot Hall where the famous painting of the Spirit of '76 is.

This is the 85th year of the founding of the Association with special coming events I look forward to letting you know about in the months ahead.

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