Saturday, July 7, 2007

Decorative Country Murals

There are many styles and subjects in creating mural paintings. I recently did some decorative mural painting using colors based on those in the home here in Glastonbury. I do however travel the New England area satisfying the needs of many. In this first design for a narrow hallway, the monochrome tones and colors worked out well. This scene has a sense of "opening up" the space. Hanging work on the wall even further reduced the hallway width, so Jennifer had me look at it when I suggested this design. She said that she liked animals so in the painting you'll find her dogs, some birds, ducks, horses, deer and even a moose to name a few. Now every time in the comings and goings of the day, one can have the feeling of walking along the peaceful country river.

The stairway seemed to need something as well, so a variation of the theme was created. This provided a relaxation view of the river while sitting in the living room.

When there is the right space, mural painting can be very satisfying and bring another dimension to an area in your home or business.

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