Thursday, January 27, 2011

Secret Drawer Society of the Wayside Inn

Longfellow's Wayside Inn is such a beautiful place to visit. If you are ever able to spend the night in one of the inn's ten rooms it will be a wonderful memory forever. Janice and I have stayed at the Inn many times since 1995 when I hold my classes in January. It's always a special time ....getting lost from the everyday goings of life and stepping back in time. There is no television but there are plenty of letters to read with the Secret Drawer Society where you'll find yourself reading hours away.
I woke up early after a late night setting up for the Saturday class and noticed smoke coming from the chimney nearby. The fireplace was on in the Ford room where we'd soon be.

I couldn't resist reading a few of the letters and even left something room number 3. There are letters of happiness, reunions, wedding nights, anniversaries, travelers from far and nearby experiencing this special place in New England. Janice and I enjoyed reading to each other some of the letters we found. In one drawer I even found a long silk glove with the bride's poem written on it, but there are many other "finds" as well. Try to spend a night at the Inn and you too can write a letter and become a part of the Inn's history as a member of the Secret Drawer Society.

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