Monday, October 6, 2008

Rocky Hill Ferry

It just worked out on a recent weekend, that Janice and I would take time going over to Rocky Hill from South Glastonbury on the ferry. We had worked around the yard on Saturday and thought of just relaxing. It would be nice to see the other side of the river and a place we had learned about to have something to eat.

We parked the van and walked onto the oldest continuing running ferry in the country since 1650. There of course have been all kinds of ferry boats but now it is a little tug boat to guide the ferry back and forth.

The tugboat, Rocky Hill, turns around ready to go to the other side and it will only take about four minutes to get there.

We were hungry for our long awaited breakfast on this beautiful weekend Sunday morning at a place we read about called Mitchell's on the River. It's a small place just with seating on the out side deck. Even though it was mid morning we wondered why we had our choice of seats on the porch. We ordered and were surprised when we were told there was a gas leak problem that was just discovered. It seems that the gas was used up earlier and that there wasn't any to cook with when we ordered. How disappointed we were! Well, at least they offered us coffee at no charge!

Afterwards we went for a little walk to an interesting gift shop nearby called Tapestry Rose, located in what was the old train station. Later we went back to wait for the ferry and just enjoyed what seemed like a far away experience. Maybe it's because we were walking around in a different area, but we could have been miles away instead of just three.

Janice and I still had a nice time feeling like we were on a vacation, just peacefully looking up and down the river.

It's a lot easier to get across the river than the earlier days, but the experience is still the same today as it must have been years ago.

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