Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday morning walk

The old apple tree limb that came down in June, is going to be firewood once I split some of the logs later in the fall. I was pleased to be able to restore the pig enough so I could put it back. I missed not seeing it in the early morning amber rays of the sun each day. I still have some soldering that needs to be done but that's some other time. I hadn't taken a walk down back for a while so thought I would Saturday morning.

After walking through the forest of white pine trees I came to the overgrown vines along the road. Later this fall, there are the sheep, horses and cattle that will have a lot to graze upon.

I like the gnarly old willow trees that still survive each year. The public is welcome to hike around the farm roads next door to the studio/gallery and enjoy the scenery. The trails even lead over to the bird sanctuary not too far away.

The peppers are just about ripe and will be harvested for the local markets along with many other vegetables. Janice and I enjoy taking a break sitting on the other side overlooking rows of beautiful peppers. So if you are in the area, you too can sit down and soon can have some cider while relaxing for a minute or two.

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