Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spoons and Walk In scenes

Janice and I were cooking a spaghetti sauce and stirring as you do , when the spoon broke. I looked at it and realized what I could do with it. Many years ago I helped paint a mural in a museum diorama that had a slight curve overhead and thought the spoon had the same feeling.... if a scene were painted on it. I thought it would be particularly nice as a background for the "Dime House Collection" that I make, each no larger than a dime.

These spoon tops are really ideal with a thin wood base and will give a little accent to the right place. It's certainly a different feel from a mural painting but it does look just fine for the little houses.

I also thought it would different to create a "backdrop" to some of the other houses that I make. After first making them as a stand up scene alone, I thought yet another way by including the houses with them. I wanted to create a feeling of taking your mind into the scene's setting, to let your mind wander for a few seconds back in time.

This particular one with the ship tied up at the pier reminded me of when I lived in Newburyport. I imagined it in the 1800's with the activity on the wharf, Rings Island across the Merrimac River and the river boat Sabino steaming along. The Sabino is now a part of the Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. If you are interested in this collection just email me or visit this spring at my Studio/Gallery where I'll have them on display as well as several others.

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