Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tobacco Barns & Boxes

It was a hard winter on many Connecticut barns....and a few houses with all the never ending snow that caused over three hundred to collapse. These wonderful tobacco barns on the way to the Rocky Hill Ferry, I'm happy to say are still standing for yet another season. I remember seeing them for the first time on a beautiful fall day in 2002. It was so different to experience them from my moving from the North Shore of Boston where I lived many years enjoying the coastal views.
In the spring there was yet another view of the tobacco fields and I wondered how this all was harvested. I was told that this tobacco was used in making cigars where the harvest is dried in the barns scattered around the fields.
The sides of the barns have hinges that fold out so that the air can circulate through.
I wondered, when I had a request to refinish a cigar box that was brought to me last fall, if any of the tobacco crop was once in the box? A funny thing happened with this box. After painting it back in March I was surprised when my customer came to pick it up and said it wasn't hers! I thought I painted the right one but it was another box that family had given me. I couldn't remember where my customer's box was realizing I had misplaced it! I even wondered if I painted it and sold it around Christmas! Well, we were both surprised and relieved when I called to tell her the good news! Janice and I searched all month but I found it under some stored away papers in a cupboard! It was needed in May to be given as a present so I still had plenty of time to work on it and finished it with time to spare!
The box had a lot of paint to remove and then quite a bit of sanding ........but it worked out in the end. If you have a special box you would like to have painted please let me know. I also have many many boxes of all kinds, sizes, shapes and subjects here at my studio barn in Glastonbury. I'll be having an open house Saturdays in June and will be posting this event and others soon on my web site.

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