Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Folk Art Houses

October is a time I enjoy creating paintings and houses to capture Halloween. Here are a few of my latest collection which I'll be showing soon at the Country Folk Art Festival of New England which is in Marlborough, Massachusetts at the Royal Trade Plaza. The show opens Friday night October 28th then Saturday and Sunday. This is a painted copper cut out with a muslin Halloween flag and also a small branch for a "tree". .............. # 154/11 ..... 4l x 3h

This is a pine house with a painted copper scene mounted in back with a painted muslin flag. .........#155/11 ......... 3w x 4h x 1.25w When I had the studio/gallery post and beam barn built a few years ago,there were some timbers left of which I made this saltbox house painted with Halloween scenes on both front and back. It also has copper cut outs, muslin banners, laundry "drying", ghosts, a flag, old apple branches for cord wood and a an old "tree". ............#133/11 ...... 3.5w x 6.5h x 8 This house has Halloween showing but on the other side it is an Americana design. Notice the ghost coming out from the bird house. There are also copper cut outs, painted muslin banners and flags. ...... #167/11 ..... 2.5w x 6.5h x 8

These are but a small sampling of the work I'll have at the show but if you can't make the show you can always email or call for additional information.

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