Saturday, December 30, 2006

Memorable Wayside Inn Class

On Saturday,January 13th and Sunday,January 14th, I taught thirty students where we all had an enjoyable class painting "Yellow House Farm". We started the day with the Inn's muffins and pastry, tea and coffee by the fireplace. Then we all got ready around 9:30AM going over the packet of instructions and preparing the canvas. At noon luncheon was served and all eighteen students were then ready to sit by the fireplace in the old kitchen for a five course meal. We then returned to the class in the Ford Room of the Inn, where we eventually completed the painting about 4:00PM. There were seven out of eighteen that had never painted before and succeeded with their painting. The Sunday class was just twelve and a lot of fun as well with everyone completing their painting.
As one student wrote to me she said....."The Inn was beautiful, the food was fabulous and the instruction was the best." I hope that you too have this opportunity sometime to join the many that have taken a class and gone home with a painting and a memory of a special day.

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