Monday, January 14, 2008

Saturday's class at the Inn

I often have a class in painting at the Wayside Inn every January and this past Saturday the 12th was a wonderful memory for all. What a perfect day with the weather and health of all which is something I always wonder about. There is a lot of anticipation and excitement in the day that goes by so fast.

Janice and I settled at the Inn about 8:30 and went to dinner in the very room I would have the class. We had a nice seat right close to the fireplace to enjoy. After that we went up to one of the ten rooms of the Inn where we made out the class certificates that students would be receiving. The students are from everywhere including Jo Ann from Pennslyvania, Gary from New Hampshire, Grace from Connecticut and others from all different parts of the state.

Have you ever heard of the Secret Drawer Society at the Inn? These are letters found in different drawers and places hidden in the rooms written by the many visitors. The letters describe personal insights, of joy, happiness, hopes and loves of those that are fortunate to experience the Wayside Inn. There are no televisions in the rooms but reading the letters, then writing your own, creates a special place to be part of history.

We set up the class early so when the students arrive they can enjoy the coffee and muffins before class.

The luncheon was relaxing in the old kichen with the crackling fireplace making for a classic time. We all then got down to business painting the scene on the little bench. There were at least three students that never painted before and did quite well. It's nice to see and now they too have created something frozen in time, everthing else is a memory.

If interested in classes just email me and I'll let you know of other up and coming classes.

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