Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good Morning View

This is the "good morning view" each spring day from the kitchen window........ when of course the sun shines. I didn't waste anytime to capture this image as it doesn't last too long. On May 1st, I also noticed that there was a very striking blue bird amongst the sparrows in the feeder so I got my camera right away.

I first thought it was a blue bird only because my neighbor Becky has them nesting in her yard. I took many photos and gave her a few which she knew right away and excitingly told me it was an "indigo bunting". She never had seen one and later would try to capture a view as it came back for three days early morning or late afternoon. But she had no luck.

The indigo bunting is a most beautiful blue with a darker blue on the top of it's head and I hope everyone has the opportunity one day to experience seeing one.

I still look out with hopes for a sighting again but it would be nice just to see a blue sky.

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