Thursday, May 19, 2011

Marblehead Lobster Buoy

July 4th has always been a very special time in my old home town of Marblehead. The buoy I did for the Marblehead Arts Association's silent auction is one of many in a collection of other artists that will be unveiled at the gallery at the King Hooper Mansion, 8 Hooper Street in town on June 3rd. This very special celebration of America, Town of Marblehead, The Spirit of '76, the harbor illumination of flares surrounding thousands of boats, the skyline of Abbot Hall, Fort Sewall, memories of the USS Constitution visiting 1n 1996, the 1812 Overture and of course the fireworks are all things that I enjoyed capturing in my lobster buoy. Lobster buoys are scattered around the waters of Marblehead with the hopes of capturing lobsters at the end of the line.
I wrote a small book back in 1981, with twelve illustrations of my one and only time lobstering with my friend Arthur. I think of that time when I have decorated the different buoys over the years............... Marblehead Forever!

Signed copies of "A Lobster Tale" are available at $10.00 each postage paid.
CT residents at sales tax.

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