Saturday, June 18, 2011

Changes at the Wayside Inn

It was late last winter that I heard there were going to be some changes to the Inn ...... outside dining in the front! There were a lot more changes to see when I visited recently and wanted to share them with you. The long narrow walk on the board planks with hedges on either side are no more. There is now a brick walkway edged with granite, wonderful stonework and new plantings that will mature in the years to come.
In this "old" photo shows the corner door where it will be open for you to step into a different dining experience at the Inn. Roberta, from the gift shop, celebrated her birthday with the Innkeeper and others for a few minutes which was also her first time on this new patio. One can still have a pleasant relaxing time just sitting in front of the Inn. Let your mind wonder about the many visitors that walked up to the front door and know their enjoyment would probably be the same I'm sure.
Maybe there would have been a few more verses to the poem written in Longfellow's Tales of the Wayside Inn?

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