Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flowers for the Studio/Gallery guests

After the winter, it's exciting once again to see the blooms of many flowers in the yard and the days ahead of shopping for more annuals. A favorite flower to see is our beautiful yellow rhododendron bush and I enjoy seeing the buds develop in the spring with a tint orange.

The witches broom flowering shrub took a real beating last winter and I wondered if the many yellow flowers would bloom again. I had to tape up many branches and propped them up from the weight of the snow, but they made it again. The cat's eyes against the stone wall bloom every morning and then close up in the heat of the day. The familiar purple rhododendrons seem to grow more each year. There's always the trip to the local nursery to get annuals needed to complete all of the spring accents needed. This particular place we found was called Flower Power and it reminded me of when I did paintings in 1970 and called that brief period of time the same name. I outlined in black bold bright colors of not only flowers but other compositions.

A short time ago we hosted a Chamber event for the Creatives Group where several members explained what type of work each did. It was a goal to get the flowers planted to make the place look it's spring best for all. Everyone enjoyed the talks including some instructions from the Fred Astaire Dance Studios. If planning a visit this summer there will be plenty of flowers still to see along with many works of art in the gallery.

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