Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Popsicle Date

July 4th weekend is now a memory of a relaxing time around the house and barn. We had collectors visit enjoying the barn full of paintings and country accents while serving iced tea with watermelon to keep us all a little cooler. Monday evening, the last day before the work week began again, Janice and I got Chinese take out to bring home. Afterwards we packed some Popsicles for a "date" down to the ferry landing. The ferry wasn't running but it was nice just to sit, not like Marblehead harbor with many boats ,but pleasant just the same.

We were surprised to see on the way to our "date", the classic Connecticut tobacco farms were growing more corn than tobacco it seemed. I guess it's the sign of changing times. I remember seeing the tobacco fields and barns for the first time particularly Horton's farm here in South Glastonbury and thought it was the "Motif #1" as in Rockport.

The Spirit of America lives throughout the year and before you know it, there will be another Independence Day to celebrate.

I painted this life size sculpture I called "The Private" for a benefit auction for the Pathways for Children in Gloucester in 2009. There are post cards available of The Private by emailing me for more information.

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