Friday, July 23, 2010

The Old Apple Tree

It was about 9:00pm when Janice and I heard a mysterious cracking sound I thought was against the house. I looked out and saw nothing but Janice noticed the large branch that fell from the old apple tree near the barn. It wasn't windy but I guess there was maybe just one too many apples on the weakened limb that couldn't take it any longer. I was glad it didn't happen a few weeks ago when we had 108 guests for the historical society house tour and dinner.

The tree was to have been trimmed in early June but now it was time to take care of it and in a couple of hours everything was cleaned up. The only damage was to the bristle back boar pig weather vane I have used for over thirty-five years to accent various places in gardens. It will need some repairs but hopefully I will have it back sometime this summer.
You're welcome to visit the studio/gallery as there are more paintings and "country accents" that I have made. Just call ahead to be sure I'm in and I'll write your name too on the blackboard.

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